Monash Science Society (MSS) is a student-run community at Monash University Clayton campus, aiming to provide our members with support and opportunities in both social and academic spheres. In conjunction with the Science Faculty, we run a range of academic events, enabling students to learn tips for networking, job applications, interviews and many other vital skills for a career in science. 


We provide opportunities for alumni engagement, insight into industry and information about where your science degree can take you. In semester two, we help support the faculty by putting on Industry Week, where each night students are invited to come along and hear from numerous science-based companies, followed by the opportunity to network with the speakers. We also publish a Careers Guide annually, which can be downloaded for free from our Academic page, that provides insight into past and current student experience and advice, as well as tips for making the most of your science degree.


Along with our academic events, MSS will host many social events throughout 2019, for our members to meet other students in their fields. These events include pub crawls, bubble soccer, trivia nights, a prestigious ball, and many more we have yet to organize. They can be found in more detail on our Events page. Regardless of your year studying, these events encourage everyone to enjoy themselves in a respectful but fun and memorable manner. We strive to make the social year one you will never forget, so give us a visit to get your social calendar and get to know us, because we would love to get to know you!


Our lovely team are here to help you and provide support for all science students at Monash. With committee members coming from all areas of science, we are happy to help by sharing our advice, or by directing you to somewhere with more information. Visit our About page to find out more about our team. Finally, our office door is always open and we encourage students to drop by and chat with us. If your not convinced enough to join our amazing community, come visit us at our O-Week tent and we will happily tell you more!


Your MSSexy Committee


We provide a range of academic events and resources. In conjunction with the Science Faculty, we run an industry careers week in Semester 2, with guest scientists coming from all fields.


We also create a careers guide every year, with amazing information on job prospects, how to succeed in interviews, surviving uni life and so much more! Visit the Academics page to find out more and download the 2019 guide.


Uni life wouldn't be the same without socialising and we strive to make your social life at uni extra special with our amazing events.

We have planned a spectrum of events this year, including a paint party, trivia night, bar crawl and, of course, our memorable MSS ball! Tickets and information to all these events can be found on both our Events page and our Facebook page.


We would not exist without our amazing sponsors! In 2020, we have sponsors ranging from business organisations to beverage companies. Our sponsorship team have worked hard to ensure we have the resources needed to host the best events on campus!


To find out more information about the groups that support what we do, or to express your interest in sponsoring us today, click on the link below.


Want to join our amazing community? Come visit our tent during the Orientation festival to pick up your membership. We will continue to sell memberships throughout the year, so even if you can't pick up one early, it's never too late to join us!


So what does an MSS membership do for you? Apart from bringing you closer to our amazing community, membership will give you $5 off every event we hold throughout the year and also keeps you in the loop with our fortnightly email newsletter! We will provide updated information on all social and academic events, along with some tips on how to survive uni life.



$15 - Membership (without MSA card)

$10 - Membership (with MSA card)


$35 - Science Kit (Includes one lab coat, one pair of safety goggles, a membership and a showbag)

$40 - Science Kit (Without MSA card)


Note: Memberships or packs cannot be refunded once purchased.


What is the best way to meet new people on campus?

To get involved. There are heaps of events throughout the year that you can attend to meet new people. If you’re into parties, there are tonnes of parties and bar crawls! If those aren’t your scene, and you just want to meet people on campus, our society, as well as others, run BBQ’s too. There are many different clubs you can join on campus and chances to volunteer as well; pick what interests you and make the most of all the opportunities you get. Also just saying hi to the person you sit next to in a lecture is a GREAT way to make a friend and they are probably looking to make a friend as well.

Where do I go if I need course advice/where are Science Student Services?

Science Student Services are located at 19 Rainforest Walk, Clayton, Victoria, 3800. It is next to the big Chemistry building, right near the colourful sculpture, and connected to the Physics building. They can help with:

  • course advice

  • assistance in deciding on your major

  • sorting through the (sometimes confusing) processes and requirements related to your course

  • re-enrolment assistance

  • Administrative procedures

Where is best study space?

At Monash University Clayton campus, there is a range of study spaces. For more casual spaces to chill with friends at uni, upstairs at HAL (Hargrave Andrew Library) and the Science Lounge can be great places to talk while studying together. But when you have to study for those upcoming exams, more quiet places include graduate buildings, such as New Horizons and Biomed, and the lower floor of HAL. Go explore Monash and find the environment that suits YOUR study needs!

Where can I get cheap/free food?

At Monash Clayton, there is a wide selection of food available, and a lot of it is definitely expensive for us uni students - however, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot great deals and free food! For example:

  • WholeFoods’ $3 Lentils & rice plate saves lives 

  • WholeFoods' Free Dinner Mondays

  • Suss out which Faculties are hosting free BBQ’s - usually at least 1 per week!​

What do I do if I want to complain?

For any sort of complaints about teaching staff, services or other university-related issues, the academic affairs committee ( MSA ) will be there to listen and work through all your problems, with a very friendly attitude.



G05, 19 Rainforest Walk, 

Clayton, VIC 3168

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