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India Spark

Academic Director

Hello! My name is India Spark and I am the Academic Director on MSS. My role involves generating tools and guides for students to help them optimise their studies and get the most out of their degree. I want to create events that facilitate networking with people in different industries to help students build professional relations and connections. Ultimately, I want to help students feel more prepared for life after graduation, whether that be through lining up internships or job prospects or just feeling confident in their academic abilities. I know the thought of entering the "real world" can be scary for a lot of people, so I, along with my two lovely Academic Officers, hope to make the transition feel a little bit easier!

 Academic Portfolio

Medhasri Elvitigalage 

Academic Officer

Eve O'Connor

Academic Officer

Hey! My name's Medha and I'm currently a second year doing a Science and Arts double degree. I'll be one of the academic officers on MSS in 2024 and I hope that through my involvement in the academic portfolio I'll be able to help and support other students throughout their degree.

Hi!! My name is Eve, I’ve recently joined MSS as an Academic Officer. It is my responsibility to assist in maintaining the academic portfolio’s goal of providing advice, networking opportunities and tools with the aim that students get the most out of their degree and feel better prepared for life after university.

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