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Tea' Tsagarakis

Academic Director

Hey ! My name is Tea’ and I’m the Academic Director for Monash Science Society in 2022 ! My role involves organising and facilitating academic events like networking nights and the Women in STEM breakfast and working alongside the Faculty of Science to produce the Annual Industry Week in semester 2.


During the Annual Industry week we also release our highly anticipated annual Careers Guide ! I’m really looking forward to creating some amazing and highly rewarding academic events for students to make up for the past 2 years !

 Academic Portfolio

Matthew Marquez

Academic Officer

Aaryan Kaul

Academic Officer

Hey! My name’s Matt and I’m a third year (first year Science student) majoring in Mathematical Statistics. I’m one of the Academic Publications Officers on MSS alongside Aaryan. I joined the academic portfolio as I believe academic support is as important as social interaction. I hope that my work in the portfolio can help support and guide other students through their degree. It’s been a ball being on committee and interacting with like minded individuals.

Hey! My name’s Aaryan and I’m a second year student doing a double degree in Arts and Science. I’m a member of the Academic team on MSS and am excited for this year's academic projects. I hope that through my involvement in the portfolio I can help people gain new insights and explore the opportunities available to them! Everyone at MSS is an absolute pleasure to be around and I can’t wait for a year of good times and great memories!

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