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Luke Wallis

Social Director

Howdy! I’m Luke and I’m the Social Director for Monash Science Society in 2022. I am responsible for overseeing all the events that are held by MSS, this ranges from free on-campus BBQs all the way to our annual science ball and our O-week party!


My goals for 2022 are to hold events that are inclusive and fun for everyone while leaving you remembering our events for years to come. (And make up for all the lost parties over the past 2 years!)

On-Campus Portfolio

 Ben Owen

On-Campus Officer

Yvette Kennedy
On-Campus Officer

Hi my name is Ben I am a Science 2nd year and majoring in Zoology. This year on MSS I am the On campus officer. I enjoy organising events and that’s why I decided to put my hand up for the position. After being a Jaffy rep last year I am excited to help facilitate the organisation of events that other students can enjoy. I am keen to see what the year will bring and can’t wait to have you at my events.

Hi! I’m Yvette (or Yvie) and I’m a second-year IT and Geology student. This is my second year on MSS and I’m an On-Campus Rep with Ben. I’m always keen for a free snag or music on the lawns. I’m often around on campus and if you want to say hi you can find me getting an iced chocolate at Grafalis or in the MSS Office (the Scoff).

Off-Campus Portfolio

Ama Wasalatilake

Off-Campus Officer

Viviana Nguyen

Off-Campus Officer

Hey there! My name is Ama and I am in my 2nd year of science arts majoring in physiology and criminology. I joined MSS as a first-year representative and have now moved swiftly into the events portfolio as an Off-Campus Officer alongside Viviana. Being an off-campus officer means organising the yearly ball and other bar/club events that occur off-campus. Super pumped to get behind the scenes to provide amazing events for students from all over to enjoy! Hopefully you’ll be there with me seeing it all come to life.

Camp Portfolio

Andre Arellano

Camp Officer

Axel Rives

Camp Officer

Heyo! My name is Dre. I’m in my 5th year of a science degree completing my honours in sleep physiology. This is my second year on the MSS events team and I am loving it. This year I’ll be running camp with Axel as well as helping out with any event related matters. I love working with the team and seeing all our members have fun, make friends and PARTY HARD! If you ever see me on campus come say hi! If you ever see me at any of our sick events, definitely come say hi!

Hey! I’m Axel and I’m in my third year studying computer science. This is my third year on MSS, I started off as a first-year rep and have settled into the events portfolio where I’m now a camp rep with Dre. I love having creative freedom with events and seeing ideas come to life when they finally run. Being a camp rep is super fulfilling to me as I get the chance to plan and run an amazing weekend away for cool first years looking to have a good time! I won’t be around campus much for semester 1, but if you ever head to an MSS event I’m sure to be there so come and say hi!

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