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Lydia McCracken-Matthews


Hi! My name's Lydia and I'm MSS' Secretary for 2024!! As secretary, I'm responsible for a lot of MSS' admin work, such as organising meetings, keeping track of memberships, and sorting through emails . All this nitty-gritty work is what keeps MSS running smoothly and efficiently!!


My role also includes directing MSS' Communications portfolio! I get to work alongside the wonderful Social Media and Marketing Officers, producing content for all of our social media platforms, including our Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. I am super excited for the year ahead and can't wait for you all to see what MSS has lined up for 2024!!

Social Portfolio

Dayara Jayatissa

Social Media & Marketing Officer

Matthew Marquez 

Social Media & Marketing Officer

Hello hello! My name's Dayara and I‘m one of the social media and marketing officers for 2024! My main job on comm is to create and share posts for MSS, so we can keep all our members up to date about our events and promotions.

Hey, I'm Matt and I'm the brains behind the social media team because I am constantly on my phone watching out for the newest trends. 

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