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Chayli McCann


Hello! My name is Chayli and I am the Monash Science Society secretary for 2022. My role  heavily focuses on behind the scenes administrative work such as maintenance of MSS matters, emails and forms, membership registrations, organising meetings, and ensuring that inwards and outwards correspondence for the organisation is handled correctly and efficiently.


I also oversee and work with the Social Media and Marketing Officers to produce the content that you see on all of our social media pages, for instance our Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and TikTok videos.

Social Portfolio

Emily Davey

Social Media & Marketing Officer

James Mcfadden

Social Media & Marketing Officer

Hey there I’m Em! I’m a second year student studying Applied Data Science. Along with James I am responsible for overseeing social media for MSS. My duties include helping to promote events, promote established sponsors and to encourage online interaction. I’ve loved the role thus far and enjoy the freedom it offers. It gives me the ability to both have fun and be creative while also making a heap of new friends through the committee and beyond.

Hiya, my name’s James and I’m a second year studying Ecology and Conservational Biology. I really enjoy being able to tap into the creative side of designing and helping make the social media side of things work at MSS. I’ve loved the work so far, and how setting a few hours a week aside for my role allows me to be part of such an awesome committee. I hope one of our TikToks goes viral so we can embarrass the committee members to a larger audience.

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