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Here at MSS we endeavour to offer opportunities to socialise while also providing academic support.  We aim to help guide our members towards a strong start to their careers. We annually release a careers guide that explores a range of topics we believe beneficial to both academic and industry growth. Alongside the curation of the careers guide we work with the science faculty to host multiple academic events focused on networking, learning about exciting career paths, interviews and more.


A great opportunity to start making some connections with working professionals is our Science Industry Week. Here we have field-specific nights with Monash science alumni who work for industry leading companies that can help set up internships or other opportunities for the future, as well as general insight.


Our main goal is to ensure that you not only have the best possible time at Monash, but also that you finish your degree in the best position possible to change the world. If there is any way you think we can assist you, we encourage you to come visit us in our office or contact us online and we will do our best to help you out.

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