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MSS Membership

Want to join our amazing community? Come visit our tent during the Orientation festival to pick up your membership. We will continue to sell memberships throughout the year, so even if you can't pick up one early, it's never too late to join us!


Signing up to be an MSS member has its perks. You get $5 off of any of our paid events throughout the year such as ball, camp and bar nights. You will also be the first to know about when our academic and social events take place and on top of all of this you will get a groovy MSS membership bag for signing up which includes, but is not limited to, MSS stubby holders, ping pong balls and bottle openers. What more could you want?


$15 - Membership (without MSA membership)

$10 - Membership (with MSA membership)


$25 - Science Kit (Includes one lab coat and one pair of safety goggles)

$30 - Science Kit (Without MSS membership)


Note: Memberships or packs cannot be refunded once purchased.

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