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Naduni Elvitigalage

Sponsorship Director

Hey guys! I’m Naduni and I’m the Sponsorship Director for MSS in 2022. My role mainly involves establishing and coordinating our partnerships with various sponsors throughout the year. I oversee and work closely with the sponsorship officers to support the work MSS does and ensure we are bringing our members the best deals!! :)

Sponsorship Portfolio

Darcy Furman

Sponsorship Officer

Olivia Lawrence

Sponsorship Officer

Hey there! My name’s Darcy and I am a 2nd year science student, majoring in Physiology. This is my second year on MSS, and I am so lucky to be a part of the sponsorship team this year. I love working with companies not only to showcase the exciting things they have to offer, but also to provide our members with awesome perks, products and events! I’m looking forward to all the exciting things MSS has to offer this year!

Hey there stranger! My name’s Liv and I’m as old as they come in my fifth year at Monash. I’m currently a Bachelor of Science Honours student doing my research project with the Department of Pharmacology. I love being on the MSS Sponsorship Team as I get to showcase the best of what MSS can offer to our sponsors, while collaborating with some really exciting companies! I cannot wait to one day secure the tightest sponsorship in MSS history.

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