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  • Where is best study space?
    At Monash University Clayton campus, there is a range of study spaces. For more casual spaces to chill with friends at uni, upstairs at HAL (Hargrave Andrew Library) and the Science Lounge can be great places to talk while studying together. But when you have to study for those upcoming exams, more quiet places include graduate buildings, such as New Horizons and Biomed, and the lower floor of HAL. Go explore Monash and find the environment that suits YOUR study needs!
  • What is the best way to meet new people on campus?
    To get involved. There are heaps of events throughout the year that you can attend to meet new people. If you’re into parties, there are tonnes of parties and bar crawls! If those aren’t your scene, and you just want to meet people on campus, our society, as well as others, run BBQ’s too. There are many different clubs you can join on campus and chances to volunteer as well; pick what interests you and make the most of all the opportunities you get. Also just saying hi to the person you sit next to in a lecture is a GREAT way to make a friend and they are probably looking to make a friend as well.
  • What do I do if I want to complain?
    For any sort of complaints about teaching staff, services or other university-related issues, the academic affairs committee ( MSA ) will be there to listen and work through all your problems, with a very friendly attitude.
  • What do we do during orientation week and is there a camp?
    During O-Week, students are able to visit different clubs and find out about societies. During the night, there are different activities and parties you can go to which you can find on the MSA Facebook page. Also, this year, MSS will be running a camp for first years during the weekend of second week of classes.
  • How do you stay on top of coursework? What is the best way to handle the course load of a science degree?
    You can try writing down a list of what you need to do and note when everything is due. Try to get the bulk of your homework out of the way as early as possible and start assignments as soon as you can! Don’t leave them till the last minute. If you are able to access content early, try and get ahead on notes. Don’t forget to take breaks and look after yourself as your mental health comes first.
  • How many majors/minors/subjects do we do per semester in a science degree?
    A full-time load of university is 4 subjects/units a semester, however some students do 2 or 3 a semester if they have extracurricular activities. A minor is 4 units, but includes second year units and normally takes a few semesters to complete. Similarly, a major is 8 units and an extended major is 12 units. You can find more details in the Monash Handbook.
  • Where do I go if I need course advice/where are Science Student Services?
    Science Student Services are located at 19 Rainforest Walk, Clayton, Victoria, 3800. It is next to the big Chemistry building, right near the colourful sculpture, and connected to the Physics building. They can help with: course advice assistance in deciding on your major sorting through the (sometimes confusing) processes and requirements related to your course re-enrolment assistance Administrative procedures
  • Where can I get cheap/free food?
    At Monash Clayton, there is a wide selection of food available, and a lot of it is definitely expensive for us uni students - however, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot great deals and free food! For example: WholeFoods’ $3 Lentils & rice plate saves lives WholeFoods' Free Dinner Mondays Suss out which Faculties are hosting free BBQ’s - usually at least 1 per week!​
  • What’s a good first-year science unit to do as an elective in 6th year?
    EAE1011 is an interesting unit as you learn about a different field of science each week, eg. geology, oceanography. As a bonus, there is no end of semester exam and you are given a generous amount of time to do assessments. The coordinator and lecturers are amazing as well!
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